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Entertainment Law

McAlpine PLLC represents the interests of its entertainment clients in film, music, television, literature (including children's books) and multi-media projects. McAlpine PLLC can assist you and/or your entit(ies) in feature film financing and production, television and video production, film and video distribution, and music production, publishing and distribution. McAlpine PLLC  is the legal solution for film and music studios, artists (recording, performance and visual), film, entertainment finance company, publishing company, independent record company, film or television production company, film and music distributors, individual producers, directors and executive producers, and multi-media companies.

McAlpine PLLC advises its clients on matters of entity selection, financing and capitalization, licensing, drafting and negotiation of complex documents and other matters related to the entertainment industry such as: production agreements, licensing, leases, distribution, recording agreements, publishing agreements, syncronization licensing, management, videography, employment agreements, financing, studio musicians, scoring, soundtracks, assignments, duplication, clearances, permissions, options, offers, talent attachments/commitments, tousing, merchandising, and much more . In addition to handling industry-specific matters we can assists with copyright, trademark, licensing and other issues related to protecting your intellectual property.

Individuals: Most artists and/or individuals don't know what it is that entertainment lawyers do. A lot of other attorneys don't either. Typically, the entertainment lawyer consults on prospective agreements that may determine the artist or company's rights in a deal; reviews, revises, and/or drafts critical documents related to the artist or company's deals or projects; and learns the goals of the client and negotiates agreements' deal points to assist the client in achieving various goals in all aspects of the clients entertainment related legal affairs. The entertainment lawyer is the first and last line of defense against being taken advantage of when dealing with companies or other individuals in the entertainment industry. Moreover, the entertainment lawyer assists the client in ensuring the overall success of their entertainment career. Because artist and entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry typically aren't well versed in what various industry standards are, how to leverage their experience and/or talent, and would be better served to focus on their career and leave the legalities to their counsel entertainment attorneys are a vital peice of the artist management and success team.

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Arts Resources:

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North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources - http://www.ncdcr.gov/

North Carolina's Piedmont Triad Film Commission - http://www.piedmontfilm.com/

Carolina Entertainment Network - http://www.carolinaentertainmentnetwork.org

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